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Digitization as Journey #02

With the P01 project, Kurtz Ersa and its customers are embarking on a journey into the ever-increasing world of digitization. In addition to product development, internal processes are also improved – making Kurtz Ersa more efficient also benefits the customer.

  • Kurtz Ersa as a Service aims to continuously develop our products in such a way that our customers benefit as much as possible from digitization. The focus is on the exchange of information. Which information is confidential and which can be shared? Who guarantees the secure handling of confidential data? What are the benefits of exchanging information? This is where we seek dialogue with our customers at trade fairs – such as GIFA 2019. We develop suitable solutions for our various products, which we then successively test and improve with a small circle of customers.

    Internally, we have built up resources that develop solutions exclusively for digitization, coordinate roadmaps and implement agile projects. For example, valuable time can be saved on machine service requests if we already have all the relevant data from the serial number to other machine parameters. So-called “edge devices” log the data, store and send it – and also offer evaluations directly at the machine.

Faster service is only the first step towards realizing the vision of continuously improving the customer´s production process. However, knowledge of the confidentiality of the data acts as an antagonist. Which data is required for which business requirements? What about trade secrets? Solutions lie here in the logging of data traffic for traceability, in the creation of standards and in certification bodies that check the process and certify the security level independently.


The parties involved must be more concerned with the data and its significance. All customers provide machine-related data and benefit from the results of all other customers. We enter this new territory first in a small circle with a few interested customers in order to work together effectively to develop solutions that bring benefits and protect the interests of all.


  • Paperless production provides the worker with all the necessary and relevant information directly in digital form. The specialist departments have created a concept with IT, the feasibility of which is now being put to the test.

  • The employee portal is the new digital user interface on which every employee will find all relevant information in one place from autumn 2019. Applets for all topics can be added or removed individually: News, templates, organization charts, calendars, collaboration, jobs, canteen plans, e-mail, business trips, purchasing, vehicle fleet and many more.

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