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Growing together on challenges!

For us as family entrepreneurs in the 7th generation, traditions and values have played an important role in the management of the Group for 240 years. We attach great importance to open interaction, mutual respect, helpfulness and consideration. As the Kurtz Ersa Group, we see ourselves as a corporate family that includes not only all employees but also the children of our employees and pensioners.

We grow with our challenges and celebrate success together. We challenge and support our employees. To this end, we cultivate a culture of trust and open up opportunities for personal responsibility. Our working atmosphere is characterized by mutual esteem, in which all individual contributions count. Because our employees are close to our hearts, we offer them not only exciting work in an international technology group, but also numerous additional benefits such as flexible working hours, childcare and home office solutions to enable them to life-phase oriented work and to achieve an optimal balance between their professional and private lives.

Group-owned Hammer Academy: over 200 different training courses and seminars for personal development
Group-owned Hammer Academy: over 200 different training courses and seminars for personal development

Personal commitment for sustainable value creation

Commitment, creativity and performance are the hallmarks of a modern, success-oriented workforce. The Hammer Academy therefore offers over 200 different training courses and seminars for individual development.


Employees participate in the company´s success, because every employee contributes to the sustainable added value of the company with his or her personal commitment. In addition, employees benefit from discounted insurance, private and company pension schemes and discounts on many external products and services.

The central concern is to involve employees in all processes and to make decisions transparent. Executives are expected to demonstrate exemplary social behavior – as well as positive, inspiring leadership qualities and professional interaction with the various team players.

Trusting internal and external cooperation

This is also reflected in our corporate principles, which focus on our employees and our customers. Through trustful cooperation within and outside the organization, we further extend our technological lead and occupy the leading position in our markets.  

At Kurtz Ersa, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture – including the health and well-being of our employees. After all, a healthy, functioning team is an essential prerequisite for the performance and thus the success of our company. Health care and health protection at the workplace are a matter of course – as are ergonomically and modernly equipped workplaces for our employees.


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