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Excellent commitment against corona virus

When it became known that Covid-19 was becoming a worldwide problem, Kurtz Ersa immediately reacted with a comprehensive crisis program. Travel restrictions, social distancing and the observance of important hygiene regulations were important measures that were brought to direct implementation. Home office was the order of the day – and wherever possible, our employees were able to work from home immediately thanks to our excellent IT infrastructure. Many of our colleagues have also been privately involved in the fight against the virus – whether in non-profit organizations or in company initiatives. Here we present three examples …

Chinese business partners donate protective masks

Especially in difficult times, it becomes clear how well business relationships can work in partnership. After the workers in China gradually returned to their production facilities at the end of March and the economy slowly started to pick up again, we received free mouth-nose protection masks from two business partners in China shortly afterwards, which we sent directly to the BRK. The company Suzhou Etron donated 600 masks, and 1,000 masks came from the company Anshan Baocheng.


The management of the Kurtz Ersa Group spontaneously decided to procure additional protective equipment of the same value, also for charitable purposes. The transaction was handled by Dagmar Gramlich (Einkauf Ersa GmbH), the delivery was bundled and made available through the central warehouse of Kurtz Ersa Logistik in Wiebelbach and went directly to the BRK disctric association Main-Spessart. The handover was handled by Hans-Peter Blum (IT), himself an active paramedic at the BRK Main-Spessart and part of the pandemic crisis team there. We thank the teams of Suzhou Etron and Anshan Baocheng for the great idea and the great support.

Volunteering with Ersa!

Our colleague Martin Krichbaum organised the production of protective masks on a voluntary basis. These were then distributed at cost price to retirement homes, nursing services or medical practices. Where soldering tips are usually packed and made ready for dispatch, several thousand masks were shrink-wrapped and prepared for dispatch. Many thanks to Martin Krichbaum!

IT colleague Maik Richter supports Würzburg civil protection

Our colleague Maik Richter, who in his job as System Manager CAD/PDM is responsible for the development of well thought-out business process solutions, is also involved in the fight against Corona. Maik volunteers as a THW expert advisor in the management group for disaster control in the city of Würzburg. In this function, he advises the command staff on the THW´s deployment options (THW short for technical assistance service) and supports in the preparatory planning of measures regarding Covid-19 – whether in logistical activities or the selection and preliminary planning of a drive-in test track for the public health department. Many thanks to Maik Richter and all THW members!


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