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A key characteristic of strong brands is to develop further at regular intervals and proactively adapt to changing conditions. Kurtz Ersa has also done this several times in the past and is currently in the process of strategically realigning the brand.

The process of reviewing the positioning of the Kurtz Ersa brand began as early as summer 2019. The aim was to give more importance to the attributes that make us strong with customers, especially in branding. The result was a brand core that concisely describes the strengths of Kurtz Ersa – and clearly communicates to customers and business partners what our company stands for: “Global. Ahead. Sustainable.”


Global – we are a global company. We provide our services around the globe, our customers ask for our services all over the world and are comprehensively supported locally.

Ahead – we have the claim and prove it every day that we are leading with our services, often benchmark for others. Our product is much more than just the individual machine or station, but rather the optimal, digitally networked combination of technology, service and know-how.

Sustainable – we are sustainable not only in the use of resources, but above all in our contact with our customers. Here we stand for maximum reliability, long-term partnerships and a business relationship based on mutual trust.

The implementation of “Global. Ahead. Sustainable.” was already presented at Productronica 2019 and is now increasingly being used in online and print media. YOUR PRODUCTION. DRIVEN BY KURTZ ERSA is the strong statement to support our customers in all production processes in the best possible way.


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