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With the peripheral modular system, the team at Kurtz Ersa Automation GmbH offers individual solutions to handle almost any conceivable automation task quickly and efficiently. The following application examples show how this is solved in practice.

Ersa Automation: Transport periphery system in a circulating structure – worker lift, transport section with workstation system, rotation module, buffer transport section and lowering station.

Transport route length individually configurable
Transport route length individually configurable

Conventional horizontal transport solutions: The respective transport section length can be configured individually. The option of a return transport section is always available, which allows a compact realization of the bidirectional component transport in order to realize a circulation solution. Optionally, route enclosure, integrated cooling, workplace connection, signal-controlled shutdown and other features can be implemented.

Conventional vertical transport solutions: In the area of lift systems, both fully enclosed solutions and freely accessible worker systems are available in the portfolio, which allow inspection tasks or assembly activities. In combination with bidirectional transport systems, circulation solutions from the modular system can be created that can be used in the production area within a short time.

VERSAGUIDE: System for support and control during PCB assembly or for assembly work, which helps to avoid assembly errors and thus costs for time-consuming reworking. The smart camera of the VERSAGUIDE has its own processor and therefore requires no additional PC. Using image recognition software, the features to be inspected can be easily defined and monitored. Deviations in character strings, patterns, colours and textures are reliably detected. Individual components or assembly instructions can be read in and provided as an image in the software. VERSAGUIDE then guides the user through the individual work steps and provides immediate feedback. Only when everything is correct the next step is displayed. To ensure traceability, log data is backed up for each step. VERSAGUIDE is available in combination with Kurtz Ersa transport solutions and expands conventional manual workstations to semi-automated test stations – if desired with release lock until the desired assembly result has been detected.

ROBOPLACE: THT components continue to be an integral part of technically sophisticated flat modules for industry and the automotive sector, even in SMT-dominated electronics production. The number of these components per assembly – such as connector strips, capacitors, chokes, relays – is usually small, so their manual assembly is often carried out in the inlet of the selective soldering machines. For these simple assembly operations, several people are often employed to achieve short cycle times. The ROBOPLACE from Ersa is specially designed for such monotonously recurring assembly and mounting work. Small to medium quantities are the strength of this system, with guaranteed stable quality. The employees have free space for other, more complex tasks. The closed, safety-monitored robot cell enables extremely fast placement speeds with high precision, resulting in very short cycle times. Component feeding is based on standard systems available on the market, the selection is component and process-specific. Modern image processing systems check the components before placement and reject defective components with regard to deformed pins or other quality parameters. This ensures that defective components do not enter the production process.

Industrial and collaborative robotics solutions: Whether “pick and place” application, human-robot collaboration, parts handling or automated testing tasks – the application possibilities of robotics are almost unlimited. Kurtz Ersa Automation develops the appropriate solution for every problem in order to meet today´s customer requirements in a modern and efficient way. We would be pleased to support you in your individual automation solution!


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