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Kurtz Ersa presents new cobot for electronics manufacturing

Human labor is still irreplaceable in many areas. The use of collaborative robots is always particularly useful when monotonous and repetitive tasks are involved. Another argument in favor of procuring and integrating a collaborative robot system is the assumption of physically demanding tasks, such as moving heavy packages in the field of logistics over a longer period of time.

Ergonomically unfavorable positions cannot harm a cobot. Back pain? A cobot does not know that! Another advantage of professionally installed cobot systems is their accessibility. Robots and humans work side by side in the same work area without the need for bulky and costly protective enclosures.


Robot equipping a printed circuit board. After successful conversion, it releases the next step itself via an enable switch
Robot equipping a printed circuit board. After successful conversion, it releases the next step itself via an enable switch

An industrial robot that works together with humans in electronics manufacturing was presented by Kurtz Ersa Automation at this year´s leading global trade fair Productronica. Collaborative robots (cobots) very often come into play when it comes to automating processes and manufacturing equipment. An exemplary application scenario with a Fanuc CRX-10iA/L was shown by the Kurtz Ersa Automation team at the Ersa booth. With its lightweight, compact design, the CRX can be integrated into any workspace or existing system.


A cobot can be trained within a few hours using a manually guided programming function. Often, a detailed task analysis shows that the sole use of a cobot does not lead to the desired success. Other features from the field of gripping technology, image processing and existing plant networking must be included to ensure optimum integration. This was also the case with the trade show exhibit. The interest of the trade audience in the CRX was enormous. Known for its efficiency and unique flexibility, it received consistently positive feedback. When the Kurtz Ersa Automation booth team drew attention to further possible applications of cobots in manufacturing, discussions about installation in customized production environments were sparked and a creative stream of conceivable implementation solutions took its course.

Cobot colleague in-house

Can you also imagine the use of a “Cobot Colleague” in your company? The Kurtz Ersa Automation team will be happy to assist you with detailed task analysis, conceptual design, project planning, commissioning and testing. Simply contact our team at +49 9342 9636-0 or write to


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