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Sustainably on the move

No.1 Team for Sustainable Production Solutions

With a new corporate mission statement, the management has developed a suitable basis so that the Kurtz Ersa team can face the challenges of the coming years in a united and determined manner. In addition to reviewing common values, a new vision, mission and so-called purpose statement were developed.

The corporate vision describes the state a company wants to reach “in a few” years. Kurtz Ersa developed a new vision over several months and with the participation of all managers and described who we want to be in the future: “THE NO.1 TEAM FOR SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS”. Team spirit has always been one of Kurtz Ersa´s key strengths. We support each other, benefit from each other and stand together in difficult times. In addition, the new vision describes what we want to offer more of in the future – sustainable production solutions.

Our sustainability offensive “GoGreen250” plays a major role here – as does the aspect of always offering reliable solutions for our customers. This is also clearly reflected in our mission statement, which we have entitled “WE LIVE SUSTAINABILITY”. The mission describes how we want to behave with the help of guiding principles. We focus on passion for our customers, but also on respecting our history and always trying to achieve the best results.


New is our Purpose Statement, which describes the deeper meaning of what we do. With it, we define what drives us at our core every day: “WE OPTIMIZE OUR CUSTOMERS´ PRODUCTION PROCESSES. Global. Ahead. Sustainable.” The core of our new mission statement and what we feel every day in our cooperation at Kurtz Ersa are the values that connect us: high reliability, great trust, team spirit across borders. And not to forget: „We are one family!“


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