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Highly dynamic electronics manufacturing in particular thrives from the direct exchange of business partners and soldering experts. The exchange via digital channels quickly established itself with the beginning of the Corona pandemic – however, it could not completely replace the direct “eye to eye” dialogue.

Especially when these discussions were enhanced by hands-on sessions – like during our Technology Days, which took place at the beginning of the second quarter in close cooperation with our representatives for the respective markets in India, Belgium or Switzerland. Direct interaction among people is almost irreplaceable!

Technology Days India

At the beginning of April, the hosting team from Kurtz Ersa India presented new Ersa products such as VERSAFLOW ONE (THE ONE FOR EVERYONE!), HOTFLOW THREE (THE BENCHMARK) and the i-CON TRACE (THE MISSING LINK) at the Technology Days in New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. Likewise, attendees were immersed together in the technology world of selective, wave and hand soldering.


Technology Days Belgium

At the Technology Days in Belgium on June 15 and 16, the team from Smans NV, who have been serving the Benelux countries as Ersa representatives since 1975, led the program. In addition to the current state of THT soldering, process know-how for electronics production was discussed in depth and the advantages of the low-melting LMPATM-Q solder were communicated – as well as how to increase the performance of a reflow oven by using vacuum.

Technology Days Suisse

With its Technology Day on June 22 in Lucerne, Delsys GmbH as Switzerland representative offered participants an exciting outlook on new technologies for electronics manufacturing. The motto of the event was “Future technologies for your electronics manufacturing”, the presentations were dedicated to topics such as stencil printing, soldering, press-fit and additive manufacturing – as well as there were valuable tips on the handling of solder pastes, product carriers and solder masks.


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