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Capacity Expansion Kurtz Ersa Central Warehouse

Four years after the official commissioning of the logistics center, capacities are further increased. Kurtz Ersa is investing around 10 million Euro in the implementation, consisting of two individual projects “Extension in the Existing Building” and “Extension”.

In the first project, the capacities of the highly automated storage areas will be further expanded. This package includes the procurement of three additional warehouse lifts, which will increase the available storage area by 600 m² to 1,800 m² in this area. Two additional storage aisles will be connected to the automated small parts warehouse, each with a new stacker crane. The system is thus able to hold more than 46,000 containers measuring 600 x 400 mm. Investments are also being made in three additional state-of-the-art picking workstations. This will make it possible to increase the output of the entire system by more than 75%.

In addition to the storage capacities and system performance, the functional areas required for structured and efficient processing will be further scaled in this course. The installation of a passenger and freight elevator will enable the connection of a 750 m² area to the material flow. The measures described are already being implemented and will be completed by the end of this year.


Picking workstations connected via conveyor technology
Picking workstations connected via conveyor technology
Automated small parts warehouse with control panels
Automated small parts warehouse with control panels

Structural expansion of the logistics center

The second project involves the structural expansion of the logistics center. The 18 m high existing building will be extended by 66 m to the south. Half of the newly acquired floor space of 3,300 m² with a volume of 64,000 m³ will be used to expand the pallet high-bay warehouse. This will create more than 4,600 additional storage spaces. This will allow the ramped-up external warehouses to be closed and inventories in the logistics center to be centralized again. In connection with the GoGreen250 initiative, a high-performance photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the extension building. Completion of the extension is targeted for 2023. The investment package will enable existing and future requirements for the central warehouse to be met on a sustainable basis. Efficient and well-structured logistics with short delivery times and sufficient capacities play a decisive role in ensuring the best possible customer supply.


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