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Control system for electronics production

Single machines are often used in combination to produce complex components. In the case of several component variants, it is necessary to automate the routing in order to exclude manual errors, enable automatic setup and ensure continuous traceability.

Automation in hardware and software is the core competence of SCHILLER AUTOMATION, which as a new company of the Kurtz Ersa Group optimally complements the Group´s product portfolio. A first joint project was implemented, in which machines from Ersa and Kurtz Ersa Automation are connected to the customer´s MES by a software solution, the LineController from SCHILLER AUTOMATION.  

The new Kurtz Ersa control system generates visualizations and shows the operator where which components have to be placed. The tool carrier transport following the placement receives the routing of the components and at the soldering machine the recipe associated with the component variant is automatically called up via the control system. The customer´s MES supplies the necessary component parameters, which are translated by the control system to the machine-specific interfaces. The MES receives, also translated by the control system, the traceability, machining and part status information generated by the machines.

“In this specific case, our Kurtz Ersa control system for process control, including run-in and process releases, was combined with hardware from Kurtz Ersa Automation and an Ersa VERSAFLOW 3/45 selective soldering system – we can also implement such overall solutions for all other Ersa soldering machines,” says Dr. Michael Wenzel, Managing Director of the Automation business division in the Kurtz Ersa Group.


This means that the customer receives a complete solution adapted to his customer-specific MES system – and has only one contact person for the entire production unit. The individual interfaces used in the plant are combined by the control system. With this solution, Kurtz Ersa has successfully expanded its competence as a system provider.


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