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Supply Chain

Tense Purchasing Market

The purchasing market is tight and will remain so for many issues. The important thing here is that we continue to succeed in supplying production and, ultimately, our customers.

How do we succeed in this? On the one hand, through the dedicated commitment of all Kurtz Ersa employees, on the other hand, through creative solutions and, of course, also through the cooperation with our suppliers in a spirit of partnership. Even if many take this for granted, the interaction with our suppliers as partners is indispensable for the material supply in the supply chain.

What have we done and what are we still doing?


  • Troubleshooting of emerging supply bottlenecks (both in material procurement – thanks to our colleagues in China and USA for their support – for our suppliers and by approving alternative materials as well as adding new sources of supply)

  • “Getting ahead of the wave” – anticipating our problems of tomorrow

  • Resilient supply chain – this means that we are trying, together with our development, to make our supply more resilient by reducing dependencies and becoming more agile in availability

Through the measures we have introduced, we have always managed and continue to believe in our strength as Kurtz Ersa to move things that others do not move, or to face the difficulties of the market together and to face these challenges anew every day and every crisis.


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