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Sustainability Report

Kurtz Ersa publishes Sustainability Report for the first time and successfully participates in ESG rating

Kurtz Ersa has always pursued ambitious goals. This is also evidenced by our sustainability offensive “GoGreen250”, with which we want to complete the transformation to a CO2-neutral company already by 2029 – then the Kurtz Ersa Group will also celebrate its 250th anniversary.

We launched the initiative in 2020. Since then, a lot has happened: We have initiated processes in all areas of the company to act more sustainably. We have collected a wide range of data and indicators to determine the status quo and define clear targets with intermediate steps. In several working groups, we are putting our processes to the test and developing sustainable solutions for production and the supply chain based on these targets. In this way, “GoGreen250” does not remain a mere commitment, but develops into a demanding program in which all parts of the company are involved.


Report in accordance with GRI standard

For the first time, we have published a sustainability report with reference to fiscal 2021, which will be reissued on an annual basis in the future. All relevant topics, including targets and development, are recorded in it. To ensure comparability and high quality of the published information, our sustainability report complies with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This standard defines all the information that can be used to evaluate the environmental, economic and social performance of an organization.

Six fields of action for sustainability

On this basis, our report provides information on all aspects of our sustainability initiative. In addition to general information, six chapters explain topics and progress in the fields of action “Sustainable Development”, “Sustainable Procurement”, “Sustainable Production”, “Sustainable Sales”, “Sustainable Management” and “Sustainable Living”. It includes all information relevant to customers and stakeholders. This first report focuses on our sites in Germany; in the future all international sites will be included.

Kurtz Ersa receives bronze medal in ESG rating

In the first EcoVadis ESG rating, the Kurtz Ersa Group received a bronze medal at the first attempt and uses this good starting point as one of the first medium-sized mechanical engineering companies in Germany for green financing. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and measures the voluntary contribution to sustainable development that goes beyond legal requirements.


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