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The goal is ZERO EMISSION!

Exclusive lecture by Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter at the “Insight Beyond” conference

Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter, Managing Director of Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH from Stuttgart, during his presentation "Zero Emission" in Hasloch
Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter, Managing Director of Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH from Stuttgart, during his presentation "Zero Emission" in Hasloch

As a prelude to the Ersa event “Insight Beyond”, the presentation “100% – Zero Emission by the middle of the century” occupied a special position. After all, it was about taking customers and business partners to the next technological level. Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter could be won as keynote speaker. The Managing Director of the globally active Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH showed with his view “behind the socket” how zero emissions can be achieved by 2050. By means of a lightning lecture, Dr. Albrecht Reuter introduced the participants to resource economics, pivoted to politics and sketched out various future scenarios with regard to the energy infrastructure to be built and thought the postulated energy turnaround through to its logical conclusion. But one after the other: From the fossil-driven resource economy based on gas, coal and oil, which has contributed significantly to global warming in the last 20 years alone, there must be a shift to a technology-based eco-system, he said. “The more RE technologies are installed, the lower the costs and the better the efficiencies – while conserving available resources,” said Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter. The challenge here is that renewable energies (RE) are supply-dependent, meaning that electricity production depends on the weather and demand. Digitization brings these into alignment, he said.

In the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 and with the Green Deal of 2021, the global basis for climate policy was created, which stipulates a limitation of global warming to 1.5 to max. 2 °C by 2050. A good approach, but not sufficient – rather, additional CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere, thus generating negative emissions. This is a huge effort that can only be mastered together and achieved through the participation of all within the framework of political processes.


Green industry for climate neutrality

One of the future scenarios presented was “green industry”, in which industrial heavyweights take the lead on their own initiative to achieve CO2 neutrality as quickly as possible. This is a trend that is increasingly evident in “green” capital markets, making it harder and harder for fossil fuel-driven projects. Whatever the further development will be, sustainability and system competence will become key factors that need to be intelligently networked via digitization. And every single person, every single company and entire states are making their contribution. There is a lot to do – let´s do it!

Fichtner IT Consulting Gmbh in figures:

  • Founded in 1922
  • Project experience in over 170 countries
  • 225 mio. Euro total output (2020)
  • 1,500 employees worldwide, including over 500 at the headquarters in Stuttgart

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