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10 Years of Zhuhai

Jubilee in the Jubilee Year – 10 Years of Zhuhai

On 31 July, Kurtz Zhuhai Manufacturing Ltd. (KZM) celebrated a wonderful jubilee event in the newly-erected production hall. In the very spot where reflow ovens are now being built, our staff and a number of business partners celebrated 10 years of presence at the Chinese site.

10 years of Kurtz Ersa in Zhuhai
10 years of Kurtz Ersa in Zhuhai

“What started off as Project Ricecorn has developed into a fertile rice field and is on its way to becoming a huge plantation,” said Bernd Schenker, head of Asian operations, in his speech. Then Rainer Kurtz introduced the guests to the 235-year company history of Kurtz Ersa. What then followed was something which is regularly on the agenda in the German sites, but which was a first in the history of KZM: Staff members were distinguished for their 10 years of service with the company. KZM started up with 25 staff 10 years ago; 13 of whom were now celebrating their “10-year jubilee” – a rare occurrence in China.

Jubilee with stylish Highlight

The undisputed highlight of the event was the fashion show prepared and initiated by the staff themselves – the repertoire of the amateur models from production, logistics, engineering and bookkeeping ranged from traditional Chinese costumes to workwear and on to the German football strip.

Our subsidiary in China thus celebrated a worthy jubilee in the jubilee year 2014 – an impressive yardstick for future celebrations with a similar background. The organisation of the extraordinarily successful event lay in the capable hands of Bernd Schenker, Michael Chan und May Wong.


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