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Ersa Rework Practice Tour

Rework Practice Tour a complete success!

Last year the Roadshow, this year the Rework Practice Tour. For the second half of the year, 13 events were planned throughout Germany. And the final verdict? Can be summed up in one word: great!

Each individual event of the Rework Practice Tour had a maximum of nine participants, ensuring maximum efficiency. The unanimous feedback from the participants was: perfect transfer of know-how, a total success in every regard! For the coming year, Ersa is planning the next tour based on this proven concept. Even during the welcome address, the participants were highly interested in the three rework workplaces.

Maximum nine participants for maximum efficiency
Maximum nine participants for maximum efficiency

Following presentation of the Kurtz Ersa Group and the theory section “Soldering and its variables,” theory and practice interchanged in three thematic areas. The focus was on the SMT component types which are most difficult to process: QFP, BGA and QFN. These need to be reliably processed even in the construction of prototypes in electronics development. Here the challenge is often having to precisely place the complex, highly-polished and delicate components, and solder them securely and gently onto the printed circuit boards or exchange them in the case of a defect or a circuit modification.

Successfully tackling the challenges in the soldering process
Later, when assemblies are being repaired, know-how and the device design of the rework system decide on whether or not the work can be brought to a successful conclusion. Often, service operations which repair the widest range of electronic appliances cannot call back on the experience of series production. Every assembly represents a new challenge for the soldering process, and there is no room for error. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the participants came from various areas, for example, component construction, electronics development, quality assurance and after-sales service.

BTC Part printed with solder paste
BTC Part printed with solder paste

In order to cater to all the participants, a number of Ersa specialists were in action. Always one of the party: Manfred Wolff, who guided participants through the day in theory and practice. As an IPC specialist and former quality inspector, Ersa employee Frank Kappel was in great demand. He demonstrated the numerous application options of the Ersa HR 600 high-end rework system and discussed the results on the Ersascope 2 Plus inspection system. Following the official end of the event, the participants put more than one of their most difficult soldering assignments onto the table: built-in navigation systems, machine controls and smart phones were successfully tacked with the Ersa rework system and then discussed under the Ersascope with the astonished participants – due to the process reliability and the simple operation even “batch sizes of 1” presented no problem.

Manual Rework: Ersa i-CON-Vario 4
Manual Rework: Ersa i-CON-Vario 4

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