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MBW Value Analysis

Constructive added value analysis

Value analysis helps to develop products and markedly improve them. It is an ingenious process, enabling the potential for improving products to be identified – and acted on. The benefits are twofold: identifying where savings can be made and how services can be improved for customers. This approach has been adopted by MBW, manufacturer of sophisticated sheet metal products and perfect system solutions, and is becoming increasingly important to their processes.


On the basis of their in-depth construction expertise, sheet metal specialists MBW are receiving an ever-increasing volume of inquiries. In most cases these requests have been successfully dealt with, resulting in specific customer benefits that can be quantified in Euros. We offer to get directly involved in your construction processes – where it is all about putting ideas into practice!

Location of the MBW Metallbearbeitung Wertheim GmbH on the Reinhardshof
Location of the MBW Metallbearbeitung Wertheim GmbH on the Reinhardshof

MBW Services

  • Design Service
  • Laser cutting
  • Punching/nibbling
  • Bending
  • Weldments
  • Assembly Service
  • Machining
  • Powder coating
  • All-inclusive system supplier for sheet metals
Matthias Sacher, MBW Managing Director

Matthias Sacher, MBW Managing Director

Tel. +49 9342 9636-0


100 highly qualified employees work at MBW. MBW has a production area of approx. 7,500 m² with latest production machinery at their locations in Wertheim and Baiersdorf. How can we increase your comptetitiveness?


Six example, how to improve your productivity with MBW

Savings: 13%
Savings: 13%

01 Bending instead of welding

A manufacturer of renewable energy systems found that changing the design from a welded component to a bent component has saved on complex welding documentation and production costs. There is no need for the reworking of a welded seam.

Savings: 9%
Savings: 9%

02 Bending around corners

Crimping is sufficient, resulting in lower welding times and cost savings. Corners do not need to be welded through and then polished.

Savings: 7%
Savings: 7%

03 Relocation microbridges

External microbridges that result from lasering have to be removed by hand – with internal microbridges there is no need for reworking.

Savings: 26%
Savings: 26%

04 Simplifying bends

Length tolerances are maintained and the bending time is shortened by 50%. The actual function of the bends – stabilisation of the component – is not affected. Use of lasered profiles instead of milled strips; weld nuts will be attached for the necessary thread.

Savings: 25%
Savings: 25%

05 Value analysis assessment

After consultation with the customer threaded holes were introduced to the bent component; the 50 weld nuts envisaged were no longer required. Forming the thread using a TC5000 FMC-1600 CNC-metal
processing centre led to shorter processing times and lower component costs.

Savings: 26%
Savings: 26%

06 Laser-bent components instead of pipe profiles

Advantage: Milling and drilling work is no longer necessary, as these contours are introduced directly when lasering. With laser-bent components it is also possible to laser in small recesses on one part and small shafts on another (to be welded onto the first) – resulting in simple, safe positioning.


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