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Industrie 4.0 Gießerei SMART FOUNDRY

Nicely networked! How we live 4.0.

The Kurtz Ersa Group has been able to establish itself as world market leader in several segments. Achieving this top position was primarily made possible by the remarkable efficiency with which our technologically-leading products are incorporated into our customers’ production lines. Here, in addition to enhanced productivity, quality and flexibility are of increasing significance.

For quite a while now, this has required particularly smart control systems and evermore networking of individual equipment assemblies. This is why, as a technological leader, we welcome the increasingly widespread use of the term “Industry 4.0“. We are heading towards evermore closely-linked communication, not only within our own infrastructure but also in the cooperation with our customers, suppliers and staff. Our production units have also begun communicating with one another – and our products are being increasingly integrated into a networked factory environment by Kurtz Ersa customers.

We are thankful that politicians and trade associations have subsumed these highly-complex processes, all in varying stages of development, under the established term “Industry 4.0”. The whole world has begun positioning itself on this  topic; discussions with our business partners are becoming evermore
specific and, increasingly, are component elements of projects.


In this edition of the Kurtz Ersa Magazine, we have tried to give our readers an impression of just where Kurtz Ersa has 4.0 experience. Please ask us about this topic in the context of your projects. Despite all the computer-supported communication, dialogue between us humans will continue to be the key to advancing our technologised world.


On this note, I wish you an enjoyable read.

Good luck! Yours Rainer Kurtz


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