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Industry 4.0: today, tomorrow

Intelligent Systems in Moulding Machines

As in so many other places, the classical areas of industry have also seen changes in the recent years which could hardly have been imagined a short time ago. For machines and systems from the Kurtz company, Industrie 4.0 has become reality in the meantime – even though we are still at the start of a development, the further sequence of which cannot be foreseen in all its details. 

Industry 4.0 at Kurtz Ersa is a solid component of day-to-day business
Industry 4.0 at Kurtz Ersa is a solid component of day-to-day business

Today, it is not only classical production machines producing parts as cost-efficiently and quickly as possible as an insular solution which are in demand. More and more, individual system parts are being interlinked with one another and also with data recording systems. In this way, it is possible to create precise overviews of the current state of production in running production systems. In addition, this provides the possibility of influencing and optimising processes from the outside.

Integration into fully automated Production Cells

With our current de-burring presses, integration into fully automated production cells with robot supply and removal has become completely normal in the meantime. In addition, the complete production data are secured by connection to customer networks and evaluated for quality tracing.

Over and above this, forecasts about a possible failure of elements can be made for upkeep by the recording of the complete disturbance behaviour of the system. Advantage for the customer: in this way, standstill times can be avoided as a precaution.

Door to the IT world opened

By a change to the Ethernet-based Profinet field bus, the door to the IT world has been opened in the house. Thus, it is now possible without any problems to implement secure internet-based remote access solutions. This too results in perfect possibilities of getting systems back into production quickly in the event of a disturbance. A further interesting development is the use of intelligent integrated security technology, with which things like secure pressure build-up on our foundry machines are feasible for the first time. In this way, new features such as permanently increasing pressures become possible – also when accessing the safety area.

Totally integrated Production Lines

As a continuation, totally integrated production lines are being produced in the meantime. In this way, we have been able to produce a system for production of insulating panels completely with robot handling and packaging units in a pilot project. In this, the complete interlinking with Profinet and Safety Integrated on all machines was used for the first time in the world. As early as the projecting phase, it was possible to take changed customers’ wishes into due account. Industry 4.0 will certainly take up even more space in Moulding Machines in the future – our objective is always: optimisation of your manufacturing processes!


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