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New A-LINE XXL for EPS construction elements

The objective in the development of the new Kurtz machine of the A-LINE XXL type was producing the most flexible system possible with the best energy efficiency doing justice to the various demands in the construction sector.

Kurtz Machine Type A-LINE XXL - highly flexible with top energy efficicency
Kurtz Machine Type A-LINE XXL - highly flexible with top energy efficicency

With the Kurtz A-LINE XXL automatic moulded part machine, large wall elements with and without decoration can economically be produced in one piece. Thanks to the exchange of decoration panels in the mould, various products can be manufactured. Further positive aspects are, amongst others: low personnel requirement, simple automatability and no more cutting waste. In the development of the machine, it was a question of being able to produce as many different panels as possible with only one tool. In this way, the investment costs for the tools drop and long tool-changing times are eliminated. On the basis of this new tool concept, panels for outer façade isolation (with / without shiplap edge), under-floor heating, drainage and vacuum isolation panels are produced.

Economical service of markets

Naturally, panel thicknesses can be adapted. For this, we offer simple possibilities from step-by-step down to fully automatic, infinite adjustment. If the market so demands, the production system can also be extended with an insert system for foaming in webs. In addition, the A-LINE XXL is available with a removal system and the tailor-made solution for labelling, stacking, packaging and palleting.

New freedoms for construction applications

The machine has a clamping surface of 1,400 x 3,300 mm and is thus very well suited for the production of complete wall elements up to a height of 3 m. In this completely newly developed machine concept, the vapour chambers are, for the first time, no longer a part of the mould unit, but can be adapted individually according to the dimensions of the moulded part and changed just as quickly as they can easily. In this way, there is next to no limit to the freedom in the implementation of construction applications.

Possible mould options for EPS panel

  • Dimensions: 3,048 x 2,743 x 2,438 mm
  • 3 differing lengths: 3,048 / 2,743 / 2,438 mm
  • With/without shiplap edge
  • Shiplap edge adjustable: 0 / 12.7 / 19 / 25 mm
  • Various patterns possible with one tool
  • Thickness freely adjustable from e.g. 25 to 150 mm
  • 2-density panels

Kurtz automatic moulded part machine A-LINE XXL


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