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Successful Rework

Ersa Tools on tour in Germany

The Ersa Workshop Demonstration Tour took place again in 2016, this time with the focus on hand soldering and entry-level rework systems. Just 24 hours after the invitations were sent out in February, four out of the seven events in Ger-many were fully booked, and a little later declared the whole tour to be “sold out”.

The popular one-day events provide anyone from newcomers to experts with hands-on information on the basic principles and application techniques needed to make their own products even better. As well as theory, there was ample opportunity to try out reworking and correction stations, from the latest soldering tips, including the new 0.2 mm soldering tip for the Ersa i-TOOL for soldering the finest component connections, through to thermal power soldering tips for heavy mass and more substantial soldered connections with up to 40% faster soldering times. The X-TOOL VARIO with its externally wetted desoldering tips gives improved desoldering results.


The solder container, from which the residual solder can be cleaned in seconds, was met with amazement. There was also an appreciative response to the latest Ersa HR 200 “Rework out of the Box” system, with its intuitive operation and Ersa’s typically high rework quality, which can be used on densely grouped components, including those with a very high number of connections. One workshop, one day – nowhere is so much soldering expertise packed into a single event!

The show will be back on the road in autumn. The latest rework system is already in the starting blocks – look forward to seeing the HR 550 and book for your local event in plenty of time! 

Upcoming appointments in 2016

  • 22.09.
  • 27.10.
  Lauf near Nuremberg
  • 29.09.
(near Heidelberg)
  • 01.11.
  • 06.10.
  • 29.11.
  Remseck near Stuttgart
  • 20.10.
  • 01.12.
  • 25.10.
  • 08.12.


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