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Kurtz Eisenguss invests in after-treatment of casts

Larger component dimensions and increased requirements made by the customers for the surfaces of the cast products make an investment in new equipment in after-treatment of cast products necessary. The project team of SMART FOUNDRY has set itself the task of putting the “Industrie 4.0” idea, which runs through the entire production in iron foundry, into practice in the area of blasting as well. For this reason, Kurtz Ersa is investing in a new chamber blasting system and is thus increasing the blasting capacities to double the amount.

SMART FOUNDRY: Industry 4.0 compliant processes at the blasting of after-treatments of casts
SMART FOUNDRY: Industry 4.0 compliant processes at the blasting of after-treatments of casts

Effective blasting – key to the best
possible after-treatment

The blasting process step directly follows unpacking the cast parts from their moulds. By means of high-carbon steel blasting agents, remainders of sand, tinder and contaminations are effectively removed from the surface of the cast part. The following applies to blasting: the more effective the blasting picture, the less efforts are needed in scarfing. The project’s characteristics are impressive – the chamber blasting system will be 7.5 m high, 6 m long and 5 m wide. Thus, the SMART FOUNDRY is in a position to blast the entire range of parts effectively and distinctly more quickly. Up to 16 tons of cast parts can be blasted at the same time with a maximum cluster diameter of four metres. In the blasting process, eight turbo blasting turbines throw the blasting agent onto the cast part at more than 300 kilometres per hour and remove all the residue which the moulding agent has left on the part.

Smart solution in the process chain

Kurtz Ersa integrates the blasting process step into the electronically controlled process chain of the SMART FOUNDRY. The production orders are displayed with SAP control on monitors in front of the blasting cabin and show the current status to the operator and the following process steps at any time. The new systems are electronically connected to the maintenance module. The transmitted output figures are connected with maintenance plans, which ensures that parts subject to wear can be replaced within the required maintenance cycles. Kurtz Ersa is consistently pursuing the path of Industrie 4.0 foundry work and is creating the basis for more capacity and quality in surface treatment with the investment in the new blasting system. Lower throughput times and more efficient systems generate a genuine added value for the SMART FOUNDRY production!


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