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With a new structure, Kurtz contract manufacturing gives additional impulses to the main business of Kurtz GmbH – for example by extending the machine fleet and improved customer communication. Attendance of the Hanover Trade Fair in the spring of 2016 is a sign of the positive development.

Last August, the moving column milling machine from FPT was put into operation and has more than proven its worth since then. Maximum efficiency and quality have been an even bigger thing in the machining process at Kurtz since then:


during inspection, we established that the geometrical requirements are more than fulfilled – the machine works distinctly more precisely than the required 0.02 mm/3 m. Even 0.017 mm/10 m are achieved!

Communication to the outside increased

With Kurtz contract manufacturing, Kurtz GmbH is staking even more strongly on active communication in the direction of the customer – the new brochure and matching content on support the move to direct discussion with the customers. Both means of communication show the extensive range of services in the field of machine processing: from the lathing, drilling and milling CNC applications via measurement down to complex welding constructions including assembly and surface finish. New customers are approached purposefully and their attention is drawn to the possibilities of the Kurtz machine fleet.


As early as the first mailings, Kurtz contract manufacturing was able to obtain some new customers. Orders from existing customers are continuing and prove the outstanding cooperation and excellent results in component production. The cooperation also functions within the Kurtz Ersa group – orders are received by Kurtz GmbH both from the MBW fine sheet specialists and also from the Ersa system supplier, for example for a new sprinter development prototype production. As a result of the concept of the joint contract manufacturing with Kurtz Eisenguss and MBW Metallbearbeitung Wertheim GmbH, Kurtz GmbH clearly distinguishes itself from the regional and nationwide competition. Lots of success and lots of orders for Kurtz contract manufacturing!


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