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Strategic solidarity of Metal Components

The Metal Components business field is combining its business activities and is thus supporting closer cooperation of Kurtz Eisenguss GmbH & Co. KG, Metallbearbeitung Wertheim GmbH and Kurtz GmbH in the Kurtz Ersa group. The mixture of range of services and variety of material provides new chances of fulfilling customers’ requirements in metal processing across company borders.

Committed Kurtz Ersa employees of the Metal Components business field at the Hannover Trade Fair 2016
Committed Kurtz Ersa employees of the Metal Components business field at the Hannover Trade Fair 2016

Since 2016, the companies in the Kurtz Ersa group have been cooperating even more strongly across company and also branch borders. The combined service portfolio of the “Metal Components” and Kurtz GmbH ranges from light to heavy machine construction: system construction for solar engineering, plastics processing, the textile industry, automation, transport and military technology as well as ship and wind power system construction – the range of services covers everything from construction via software, procurement, assembly and electrical fitting down to worldwide supply and technical documentation. In order to connect the areas even more strongly and to make use of synergisms, the three companies will be appearing on the market together in the future – although each area will continue to support its customers individually and intensively. The fact that this strategic solidarity works very well was proven by the three branches at the Hannover Trade Fair in April – where they presented the combined Kurtz competence as “Contract Manufacturing”.

Joint communication started in Hanover

The joint stand of the Metal Components business field was an important signal to the outside. Following the official motto of this year’s Hannover Trade Fair “Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions”, Kurtz showed its interlinked industry across the branches and presented itself as a competent partner for the entire added value chain in the areas of thin sheet, iron casting and contract manufacturing. The customers were given extensive advice, with the result that the best possible cooperation with Kurtz Ersa is implemented, depending on the requirements.


The visitors’ interest in the Metal Components stand was above all for the Ersa SMARTFLOW 2020 selective soldering system produced within the framework of the “contract manufacturing“. The extremely compact soldering machine is completely assembled, tried and tested by the MBW fine sheet specialists. If components and housings of other machines are too large for the Wertheim location, the Kurtz GmbH contract manufacturing team takes over – at the machine factory in the Wiebelbach location, a clear
height of up to 18 metres is available, amongst other things. All in all, Kurtz contract manufacturing is the competent partner for customers if it is a question of the best and quickest possible support and processing of components.


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