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On a roll at Rauch!

MBW supplies a complex roller conveyer system for Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH

In the course of 20 years, MBW Metallbearbeitung Wertheim GmbH with headquarters at the Reinhardshof has made a name for itself as an expert for sheet metal engineering. The customer list includes notable, international companies which regularly order their sheet metal or subassemblies from MBW. With increasing frequency, the job involves much more than just sheet metal processing, so that, more and more, MBW can apply its comprehensive expertise to the entire sheet metal process chain. This was also recognised by Rauch Möbelwerke, numbered among Europe’s largest furniture manufacturers, which placed an order for a complete contract manufacturing project with MBW.

The initial contact between Rauch Möbelwerke and the MBW sheet metal experts took place fairly recently – it dates back just a year, to spring 2016. Back then, the inquiry from Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH in Freudenberg am Main related to a comparatively simple roll conveyor without a power unit or steering mechanism. A straightforward order but one which MBW carried out with its customary thoroughness and in top quality. Dedication which has paid off. Once this project had been completed so smoothly, Rauch Möbelwerke upped the ante and commissioned MBW as general contractor for a further roll conveyor system.


The geographic proximity between the two business partners played a major role here: Rauch and MBW are located just 20 kilometres apart. Fast support on site is therefore possible at any time. The demands made on the MBW team were considerably higher in the follow-up order; this time, the order related to a much more complex system: At the Rauch site in Freudenberg, the installation of a new production line for finishing raw chipboard surfaces was planned. The inquiry comprised the supply, installation and commissioning of a rolling transfer station for stacks of chipboard. The operating mechanism was to comprise the complete material handling, storage and buffering technology for a 100-meter-long roll conveyor system including connection to the master computer and integration into the rail-run material handling.


A brief extract from the specifications: Roll conveyor system at Rauch consisting of 27 electric-powered roll conveyors, each 3,200 mm long, 1,400 mm wide, 1,600 mm high, complete, including mechanical production, controls, electrical and mechanical assembly, switchboard and commissioning. Just to provide a picture: The system was to take over the feed-in of large-format chipboard stacks to a laminating plant, removal, intermediate buffer and distribution to further production plants, together with rail-running conveyor vehicles – ultimately, it was about the complete development of a system which would operate in a fully-automatic process. MBW produced the mechanics to Rauch’s design specifications.


Roller conveyor system, 27 units, 120 t loads

“We developed the related controls and software in close cooperation with the customer, and carried out their commissioning on site. The specification was to meet a load requirement of 4.5 tonnes per roll conveyor unit – with 27 units, it represents a load of 120 tonnes for the whole line which the system has to be able to shift without difficulty. In mechanical engineering terms, these are weighty matters so that we carried out a corresponding risk analysis in advance and, of course, issued a CE declaration of conformity”, explains MBW Managing Director Matthias Sacher. Once the entire system had been installed on site by a MBW team, a test run ensued over four weeks in which the roll conveyors, electronics and controls where rigorously put through their paces. Here too: everything proceeded as requested, all friction free. The consequence: Full operation of the new production area at Rauch Möbelwerke was able to commence in mid-June. Both partners were delighted at the successful conclusion of a further project. We look forward to new projects in the future …

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New Kurtz Ersa Image Film

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