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As required: Tech Days at Ersa!

At Ersa we are proud of our harmonised soldering philosophy that enables us to provide comprehensive systems advice for every aspect of soldering. For Ersa customers this translates into incredible added value in their production processes, whether with regard to applications, complex process details or even TCO. The principle extends far beyond hardware, since Ersa also offers seminars on know-how and process technology, as well as individual technology days, all of which are practically based and individually tailored to customers’ requirements. Using the example of the “Enics Tech Days”, KEM outlines the typical course of the Ersa Technology Days.

At the invitation of Ersa, project and process technology engineers from Enics came to Wertheim at the end of May for a technology seminar and discussion. The focus of the Enics Tech Days, attended by Enics experts from all over the world, was on the use of optimised technology and the necessity of configuring machinery for future requirements. Modern EMS service providers such as Enics AG, which is one of the world’s biggest companies in electronic production with some 3,200 employees, need to ensure the greatest possible production flexibility in order to be able to satisfy all of their customers’ requirements speedily.

High machinery modularity and maximum flexibility

“The unit production costs are also constantly under examination. This requires high machinery modularity and maximum flexibility, taking account of the required production throughput,” says Ersa general sales manager Rainer Krauss during the Technology Days. Several Ersa machines are in daily use for production at each of the Enics sites; the modular construction has ensured that Ersa systems continually satisfy the specific requirements, again and again.


Optimum implementation of production requirements

From theory to practice: hands-on demonstrations at the Ersa applications center
From theory to practice: hands-on demonstrations at the Ersa applications center
Visual representation of the high-performance Ersa tools
Visual representation of the high-performance Ersa tools

Building on this, and in combination with an introduction to the latest new developments in all areas of soldering, the talks were accompanied by some interesting discussions. Immediately afterwards, hands-on demonstrations in the adjacent Demonstration and Applications Center showed how production requirements could be satisfied to the best possible effect. Participants made good use of the opportunity to examine the individual processes in detail and to try them out for themselves. For example, with the VERSAPRINT stencil printer, the difference between 2D and 3D process control systems was explained, and a demonstration was given to show which technology was best used when. The focus of the reflow soldering session was on process gas cleaning using Residue Terminator and the VOIDLESS process for the drastic reduction of voids.


The selective soldering technology presentations concentrated on the VERSAFLOW 4/55 and the recently developed VERSAFLEX module, with additional attention paid to the VERSASCAN selective module for component control and the VERSAEYE quality assurance system. Finally, under the theme of rework, the replacement of defective components was covered, since the reworking of components after years of use is not carried out at Enics. The Enics Tech Days participants were clearly surprised by the evening programme – after a visit to the Kurtz Ersa Hammermuseum and forge hammer in Hasloch, the project managers and process engineers were given the opportunity to have a go themselves at forging iron in the traditional way, under supervision, before a meal at the nearby Schwarzer Bock. After two informative days, Ersa said farewell to the satisfied Enics participants who, equipped to the best possible extent with the very latest technological know-how, would now and in future be able to shape their projects and processes to even more optimum effect.

Ersa Technology Days

The infrastructure of the 7 application centres worldwide offers ideal possibilities to clients, in order to level up their soldering process theoretically and practically – individually tailored to specific demands. Ask for your Tech Days at Ersa: via E-Mail ( or dial +49 9342 800-0!


Variety of Ersa in video clips

Ersa YouTube Channel

The Ersa YouTube channel sums up the unique and comprehensive range of products – from machines to soldering tools, rework and inspection the user gains an interesting insight into Ersa’s world – useful tips for soldering processors complete the picture of the video clip range. Subscribe now and miss no Ersa video!


Two NPI Awards for Ersa

Ersa VERSAFLEX - NPI Award 2017

In mid-February, Ersa was distinguished with two NPI Awards in the framework of the IPC APEX EXPO trade fare in San Diego: Awards went to Ersa in the categories “Repair & Rework” for the rework system HR 550 and “Selective Soldering”, represented by the extremely flexible VERSAFLEX selective soldering module.


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