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Kurtz VARIOTHERM – variable applications

Components made from particle foam (EPP) are seeing ever increasing interest, especially in the automotive sector. The attraction lies especially in the substantial potential for lightweight construction in conjunction with a suitable surface design, thermal insulation and integrated functions such as fixing elements.


Sunshades, roof boxes or helmets – the range of applications for particle foam is widely varied even now. But due to their rather function surface appearance, particle foams were until now mainly used in places where they were out of sight. The possible uses of particle foams can be extended further by combining them with suitable reinforcing materials and/or other processing techniques such as injection moulding or thermoforming. PVSG – Partikelschaum-VerbundSpritzgießen©* (particle foam composite injection moulding) is the fundamental innovative process that enables a firmly bonded combination of particle foam and thermoplastics to be achieved. Minimised water vapour means that the foaming machines can be integrated into the injection moulding process.


Kurtz GmbH has secured the exclusive rights to this patent from the Krallmann Group. On the basis of this we are currently developing a new machine type – the THERMO FOAMER. This project, undertaken in cooperation with Krallmann, also involved Michel Formenbau, who are constructing the tools for the THERMO FOAMER. The aim is to produce a reduced-size door cladding panel to offer a concrete example of the lightweight construction possibilities in the automotive industry, especially electric transport. The stresses on the moulded part are very high, which means that it is essential to ensure dimensional stability and an optimum, even density. This means that, for the THERMO FOAMER an accurate repeat process is essential, and the machine design must guarantee a high level of precision.


*Registered brand of RUCH NOVAPLAST GmbH & Co. KG.

One special feature of the THERMO FOAMER is the variotherm temperature control of the tool activity that can change from 160 °C to 80 °C. Furthermore, the temperature of the steam chamber is fixed at a constant 160 °C and the steam temperature controlled. The new technology will be introduced at the Fakuma trade fair from 17 to 21 October 2017 at the Krallmann Group stand.


THERMO FOAMER at the Kurtz in-house fair

A little later, Kurtz GmbH will present the THERMO FOAMER during the Kurtz in-house trade fair to be held on 16 and 17 November 2017 in Kreuzwertheim-Wiebelbach. For Kurtz GmbH this new project offers a major opportunity to offer its existing particle foam customers a new, innovative possibility and to attract a whole new set of customers – injection moulders!

Big leightweight potential combined with surface design, isolation and fastening elements: EPP parts
Big leightweight potential combined with surface design, isolation and fastening elements: EPP parts

New Kurtz Ersa Image Film

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“And … action!” was the instruction from the film crew to be heard at all kinds of different locations at Kurtz Ersa in spring. The film team was out and about on a mission to produce the new Kurtz Ersa image film. With “speed” as a leitmotiv, the film shows what Kurtz Ersa stands for: innovation, drive and high-tech processes. With a range of scenes and fast editing sequences the clip shows in just over 2 minutes what it is that characterises Kurtz Ersa. Enjoy watching it!


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