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Titan Time Products Limited offers its customers a wide range of electronics manufacturing services in the medical, automotive, industrial controls, instrumentation and aerospace industries. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Titan Company Limited and part of the Tata Group. Titan has recently incorporated an Ersa reflow soldering plant of type HOTFLOW 3/14 in its electronic production plant.


Goa was a Portuguese colony for 450 years before its annexation by India in 1961. The region on the Indian Ocean then became a dream destination for backpackers. None of this is important to electronics manufacturer Titan, where the emphasis is on high-tech production. Titan´s core competence is the production of high-quality circuit boards, made for leading European and US companies with the catchphrase “in pursuit of excellence”. The Titan standards of outstanding quality are achieved thanks to production using the latest technology and certification according to ISO/TS 16949 and OHSAS 18001.

Precision electronics production as standard

After its foundation in 1992, Titan Time Products Limited concentrated on the production of high-precision boards for quartz watches; now, the Titan team undertakes wire bonding in clean-room conditions. “Our strength lies in high-precision electronics manufacture – for 25 years we have been very successful in our drive to ensure the high quality of our products,” says Shireesh Phal, Senior Manager for EMS Production at Titan. With small, medium-sized or large batches, and possible high product mixes of tiny to large circuit boards, Titan develops products for its customers that never compromise on quality.


Key applications include the production of automotive sensors, industrial control systems, high-frequency circuit boards and medical technology. When it comes to miniaturisation and precision in soldering, the Titan team always keep up with the latest technological developments, and their products repeatedly offer impressive testimony to their well-founded know-how. Fast set-up and improved quality are extremely important to Titan in the electronics manufacture. To this end, the company invests continually in the latest technologies, in order to maintain and expand its position as a leading Indian electronics manufacturer. The climate in India means precisely controlled temperature and humidity conditions are needed for successful electronics production – and in addition to this, Titan insists that there should be no environmental pollution.

Satisfied with their decision to invest in the Ersa reflow oven: Titan employees Dattaprasad Patil and Shireesh Phal with Ersa Area Sales Manager Christian Ott (centre)
Satisfied with their decision to invest in the Ersa reflow oven: Titan employees Dattaprasad Patil and Shireesh Phal with Ersa Area Sales Manager Christian Ott (centre)

Ersa soldering system for higher throughput

In recent years the growth curve of Titan’s business has enjoyed dynamic development, enabling the company to expand its machinery with the addition of a reflow soldering system. The “wish list” given to Ersa by Titan included aspects such as optimum temperature transfer for printed circuit boards, and the intelligent control of energy management, cooling and process gas cleaning.


“During the evaluation phase, Ersa soon appeared on our radar because of the company’s in-depth expertise in electronics production equipment. We were very impressed by how open and skilled the Ersa service engineers were when explaining the system features of the soldering machines during the test – a factor that was as crucial as the machine’s performance for us,” says Shireesh Phal. Titan also had its own experience with Ersa products: Some Ersa soldering stations and soldering irons were already in use for manual soldering processes.

HOTFLOW 3/14: reflow oven with over 4 m process length, designed for high throughput requirements and maximum flexibility
HOTFLOW 3/14: reflow oven, designed for high throughput requirements and maximum flexibility

Faster switch between O2 and N2

Ersa Area Sales Manager Christian Ott (R) and Titan Senior Manager for EMS Production Shireesh Phal at the HOTFLOW 3/14
Ersa Area Sales Manager Christian Ott (R) and Titan Senior Manager for EMS Production Shireesh Phal at the HOTFLOW 3/14

The Ersa reflow soldering system scored highly with features such as “on the fly” maintenance for increased machine availability, Ersa Process Control (EPC) for continuous process monitoring and Ersa Autoprofiler for immediate temperature profiling. “We decided on the Ersa reflow oven because our mix of techniques also includes nitrogen-based soldering – for this, Ersa offered us a unique option with the HOTFLOW 3/14 that enabled us to switch easily between O2 and N2,”says Shireesh Phal.


The third-generation HOTFLOW 3/14, available since 2015, sets the standard for the industry in terms of productivity to space ratio, substantially increasing productivity through double to four times the transport options – in India, too. With the Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14, Titan can now offer its customers two independent, fully automated SMT lines for flexible production.


At Titan they are very proud of their electronic capsules used in the diagnosis of malaria and tuberculosis – a method by which patients can be examined in villages without the presence of a doctor, and then advised over the Internet. “This requires a special temperature profile, for which our special heat transfer system has proven invaluable, contributing to saving lives,” says Ersa Area Sales Manager Christian Ott, responsible for establishing the business relationship with Titan. If Titan’s business continues to develop as it has recently, the first Ersa system could soon be followed by another.


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Two NPI Awards for Ersa

Ersa VERSAFLEX - NPI Award 2017

In mid-February, Ersa was distinguished with two NPI Awards in the framework of the IPC APEX EXPO trade fare in San Diego: Awards went to Ersa in the categories “Repair & Rework” for the rework system HR 550 and “Selective Soldering”, represented by the extremely flexible VERSAFLEX selective soldering module.


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