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Strong together – even across large distances!

Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of automotive parts for research and development and also manufacturer of motor vehicle chassis control systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. For example, the VIE products include the front and rear wheel suspension system, vehicle electronics control systems, pneumatic and hydraulic braking systems, clutch operating systems and manufacture of plastic parts for renowned Chinese automotive manufacturers. Already award-winners as best suppliers a number of times, VIE has additionally been assessed the most influential brand in China in the mechanical industry.


Demanding aluminium cast parts

Not long ago, VIE expanded into the areas of wireless charging, driving assistance systems and electrical motor brakes and is further extending its development there. Kurtz has been holding discussions with VIE for some time now, the contract and the joint project being fixed at the Metal & Metallurgy China 2016. As a firm with a future prospective, VIE has decided to produce demanding aluminium cast parts for the automotive branch. VIE started directly with “coreless frames” – and was thus able to generate a commission for the local market for these demanding body parts. The objectives and claims of VIE were challenging, as the frames ought to be cast directly coated twice – not a standard for such large parts. Due to the requirements, only the FSC casting line could be considered, albeit directly with innovations. Up to now, size 18-16 has been standard with Kurtz, which was borderline for the large double mould for the production of the frames.

For this reason, following joint coordination, a decision was made for the new size 22-17 with more clamping area for large ingots. Alongside the big closing unit of the casting machine with large clamping area, the large low-pressure furnace with coating and use of multiple standpipes was also a key to success. As a standard, a 2,800 kg furnace is used with currently up to ten standpipes. Furnaces are changed practically in the casting machines’ off times with the tested furnace shuttle, in order to design the complete line effectively and to keep the production factor high. To fulfil the high quality requirements, the cooling also makes a decisive contribution – for which the system has 64 mixed cooling circuits.



More about Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Machines

In cooperation with the customer, Kurtz has designed a high-capacity, extension-capable casting line, making it possible for the customer to expend further and thus to invest further in the future. Strong together – this was and still is the motto for this project. Kurtz Deutschland and Kurtz China worked together with the customer on this project – as a team across borders!


Main features, equipment of the KURTZ AL 22-17 FSC casting line:

  • Furnace logistics through Kurtz furnace shuttle
  • Heat-retention and de-gassing station
  • Kurtz low-pressure casting machine AL22-17FSC, low-pressure furnace - 2,800 kg, 64 mixed cooling circuits



New Kurtz Ersa Image Film

Kurtz Ersa - YouTube Channel

“And … action!” was the instruction from the film crew to be heard at all kinds of different locations at Kurtz Ersa in spring. The film team was out and about on a mission to produce the new Kurtz Ersa image film. With “speed” as a leitmotiv, the film shows what Kurtz Ersa stands for: innovation, drive and high-tech processes. With a range of scenes and fast editing sequences the clip shows in just over 2 minutes what it is that characterises Kurtz Ersa. Enjoy watching it!


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