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Intelligent Filler Maintenance Relies on Prevention!

Kurtz i-CAP

One of the most neglected areas of particle foam processing has got to be the maintenance of filling injectors – a little liked yet essential measure for the production of good quality and repeatable moulded parts. Everyone needs it, it often requires a large investment. Yet hardly anyone has time and a feasible possibility of carrying out monitorable and preventative maintenance. With the world´s first i-Cap, Kurtz Ersa has developed the basis for incorruptible and intelligent maintenance: it counts and saves all filling strokes performed and takes these as a basis to carry out maintenance as it is due in the actual maintenance station (Kurtz Ersa KISS STATION). All the values and cycles determined can be saved digitally for further processing and management, and can be retrieved at all times with relation to the individual fillers.

Advantages related to KISS STATION:

  • Always shows the current maintenance status of each individual filler
  • No production faults through lack of/poor filler maintenance
  • Greater system availability and lower costs

Having carried out a filler leak test, the Kurtz Ersa KISS STATION guides maintenance staff through the maintenance step by step using visualised maintenance instructions. Once the work has been completed, i-Cap is reset and flashes positively in green to indicate that it is ready for further filling tasks.

All the modules together – B-JET blue, i-Cap and KISS STATION – result in a complete customer solution which will take filler maintenance safely on into the next decade.


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