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Let´s automate industry!

In digital mechanical engineering applications of the future, the comprehensive use of intelligent, robot-based automation solutions will be quite natural – combined with smart handling systems for demand-oriented use. For this growing sector of industry, Kurtz Ersa has defined the new “Automation & Contract Manufacturing” business field, which achieves perfect solutions for the Industry 4.0 era.

Rising personnel costs and increasing price pressure are causing difficulties for manufacturing companies all over the world. High-precision production automation offers a way out of this dilemma; it reduces the costs per manufactured part in the long-term and can be used at manufacturing locations all over the world. All things considered, automated, flexible solutions lead to greater process reliability and reproducibility, reduce costs and increase not only output but quality, too.


In order to be able to provide expert support to customers during the complex transition from manual to automated workflows, Kurtz Ersa is working continually and intensively on extending its product portfolio for automated handling and transport. The General Manager of the Automation Business Unit, Ralf Koppitz, a graduate electrical engineer (UAS) who has been in the company since May 2017, will be shaping and developing the vision and structure of the new Kurtz Ersa division together with his team.

Seamless integration in system concepts

The Automation division supplies the Electronics Production Equipment business unit with handling systems which can be integrated seamlessly in existing or projected machine and system concepts for electronics production. One thing is perfectly clear: in addition to the soldering processes, perfectly timed board handling contributes to greater process stability and production efficiency – a target every production manager would agree with.

For Moulding Machines, Kurtz Ersa Automation is contributing semi to fully automatic parts handling systems. The design of the moulded parts, such as contour, surface quality, weight, integration of inserts or room height, influences the possible use of handling equipment – stacking and insertion ability of moulded parts, ventilation of the stacks and stack height must all be taken into account in advance. Optimum handling concepts which ensure a short return on investment are drawn up and implemented in intensive cooperation with the customer. Automation experts are also helping Kurtz Foundry Machines to sharpening their profile as a system supplier – the customer receives well thought-out complete solutions from a single source: from cast part and process development through mould construction, installation and putting into operation through to overall responsibility as a general contractor.

Numerous customers from industries such as woodworking, automation technology, food industry, textile and sports industry as well as the plastics processing industry are banking on the long years of Kurtz Ersa experience for the automation of their processes. Where are you going to apply leverage for automation?


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