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Since the middle of the year, MBW Metallbearbeitung Wertheim has been in a restructuring phase, which will have been concluded by the end of the 2017 fiscal year. The objective of the Kurtz Ersa Group is to focus its range of performances on mechanical engineering and automation technique more strongly in future. In this context, pre-fabrication of sheet metal is being ceased and the contract manufacturing business is being pushed. This specifically means: sheet metal parts will no longer be produced at the Wertheim-Reinhardshof location in future, but purchased as processed metal sheets.

In order to strengthen the appearance as a stem supplier for ready-to-install sheet metal components down to complete machines even further, MBW GmbH will be changing its corporate name as per 01.01.2018 to the new Conline GmbH. It will act on the market as a system supplier in future and will supply external customers as well, alongside Ersa GmbH and Kurtz GmbH. With the centralisation of the business activities in the automation areas, Kurtz Ersa is sharpening its profile and providing an attractive offer of automation solutions to do with the handling for soldering machines, foam and casting machines under the roof of Conline GmbH. Conline GmbH is thus starting as an independent enterprise in the Kurtz Ersa Group with 82 employees – more than 50 of them in the automation area – and can look back on years of experience with various automation systems and solutions. Further growth has been planned for the future.

Ralf Koppitz
Managing Director Automation
Grad. Engineer (UAS) Electrical Engineering


Phone +49 9342 807-123


Matthias Sacher
Managing Director Contract Manufacturing
Grad. Industrial Engineer

Phone +49 9342 9636-10


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