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Digitalisation has been keeping us busy at Kurtz Ersa for many years now. It offers great opportunities to increase efficiency for both our customers and ourselves. Digitalisation permits us to think in completely new ways, to tackle assignments which previously appeared unsolvable and also to redefine our working world. Many of these were already being discussed prior to the creation of the Industry 4.0 brand name, many others are currently in the works. But the process of digitalisation leading to the fourth industrial revolution is currently in full swing and therefore relevant for Kurtz Ersa.

very company would be well advised to define itself in this environment. Each one has to set its own focus. For us, Industry 4.0 means optimum exploitation of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. Here the numerals 0 and 1 form the basis for everything else. That’s why we now have a “Project 01” at Kurtz Ersa. Under this title, we have set up a project organisation for the next five years to implement the projects relevant for Kurtz Ersa. The Kurtz Ersa Magazine will keep our readers up to date on what’s new in “Project 01”. Once again, the editorial team has compiled an interesting mix on this and other product-related and market-related themes from the world of Kurtz Ersa. We wish you a pleasant read!

Glück auf! Yours Rainer Kurtz


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