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For years, the Kurtz Ersa business has been developing in one direction: upwards. To this end, the team has grown strongly. However, this alone does not explain the success. Rather, it is the intelligent use of smart tools with whose help upcoming tasks are simply completed faster. But the decisive difference is made by a fit team that stands behind all this and pulls together!

Time is a scarce commodity, especially in times of increasing digitalization. How should there be room to stay fit – or better: to get fitter? Through its in-house Hammer Academy, Kurtz Ersa offers numerous health and sports courses that can be easily integrated into everyday working life. Thus, two running courses started in April, which the participants prepared specifically for the WÜ2RUN company run in June in eight weeks – Ersa Managing Director Ralph Knecht also laced the running shoes for regular training.

Arrive together, celebrate together: our runners after successfully mastered 7.4 km
Arrive together, celebrate together: our runners after successfully mastered 7.4 km

With super-summer temperatures and after a good two months of preparation, the starting signal for the annual WÜ2RUN was finally given on 20 June at 7:30 p.m. – more than 4,000 runners were hot to take the 7.4 km long course under the sole. From Dallenbergbad the river Main was crossed, along the river, around the Vierröhrenbrunnen and across the Alte Mainbrücke back to the starting point. Among the athletes – all in the running dress of their company – were 64 running enthusiasts from Kurtz Ersa, who travelled by charter bus from Wertheim via Kreuzwertheim to Würzburg and all came safely to the finish.

The fastest Kurtz Ersa woman, human resources manager Christina Schmitt crossed the finish line after 32:11 min, which meant 10th place for the women. Our men were also on top: Michael Regele from Kurtz Eisenguss finished on an excellent 15th place with 27:39 min. Three other colleagues undercut the 35:00 min to the 7,400 m and ran the 1,000 m in less than 04:30 min: Alexander Gehlfuß (31:48), Yannic Süßkoch (32:07) and Nicolas Bartschat (32:47). We had a fantastic run in a unique atmosphere, after that the Kurtz Ersa team strengthened themselves with drinks and barbecue food. Congratulations to all runners – see you at the next run, for example at the Wertheim fair run over 10 km, where Kurtz Ersa is the main sponsor and name giver. Preparatory running courses for this Kurtz Ersa run on 6 October have already started at the end of June, we are already keeping our fingers crossed for all participants and are looking forward to as much and loud support as possible. Whatever the future holds: We are prepared and take it sporty!


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