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Digitalisation has been keeping us busy at Kurtz Ersa for many years now. It offers great opportunities to increase efficiency for both our customers and ourselves. Digitalisation permits us to think in completely new ways,


to tackle assignments which previously appeared unsolvable and also to redefine our working world. Many of these were already being discussed prior to the creation of the Industry 4.0 brand name, many others are currently in the works. But the process of digitalisation leading to the fourth industrial revolution is currently in full swing and therefore relevant for Kurtz Ersa.

Employee Story

Strong and stronger in team!

Future-proof with P01

Kurtz Ersa promotes digitalisation

Opening Ceremony

Great joy at scheduled opening of the central warehouse

Open Day

Big rush at picture book weather

Once again top employer

Kurtz Ersa confirmed as one of “Germany´s best employers”


… from the Winegrower of the Year

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Schwarzer Bock

Welcome to the Schwarzer Bock at the Eisenhammer!