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Rainer Kurtz, Managing Director and CEO Kurtz Ersa
Rainer Kurtz, Managing Director and CEO Kurtz Ersa

Since 01 October, 2018, Kurtz Ersa has been purely a machine manufacturer. The sale of our iron foundry marks the last step in our concentration on the machine engineering business. Kurtz Ersa has established itself as a technology leader in niche markets – worldwide. According to our vision, we want our premium technology to contribute to ensuring that things run as smoothly as possible in our customer’s production. We therefore offer both machines and whole systems, as well as complete factories, and work intensively on additional efficiency enhancement through automation. In the last few years, Kurtz Ersa has been able to prove itself in many showcase projects and will continue to strive for the trust of our customers in this sector.

We have grown significantly once again in 2018, and are confident of further growth in the coming year. Rising population figures, mobility, global networking, cost pressure and artificial intelligent offer our customers many technology-based opportunities for worthwhile investment. We are following our path – not allowing ourselves to be distracted by prevailing political and economic upheaval – consistently, but with the appropriate caution. We would like to thank our customers and business partners for the positive cooperation in 2018 and, for the year ahead, wish all of us peace, equitable and respectful interaction with one another and a worldwide redoubling of endeavours to preserve the delicate balance of nature and ensure a healthy environment.

Glück auf! Yours Rainer Kurtz


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