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Future-proof with P01

Maximum benefit from digitization for customers

Kurtz Ersa wants to derive the greatest possible benefit from digitization for its customers. To this end, “Project 01” was launched at management level. All managers and many technical experts contribute ideas for digitization, which ultimately benefit the customer. Therefore, answers are sought to the following questions: Which new technologies support the customer in his business? Which ideas can be adopted from other areas? What ideas arise from your own many years of experience? Existing ideas are rethought and projected into the future in regular workshops. Below are a few initiatives that are continuously supplemented and prioritized.

  • Ersa as a Service improves customer benefit through digital services. Through the possible communication between machines at the customer site and Ersa experts, maintenance processes can be adapted to the usage situation. Optimized digital processes also speed up the delivery of consumables. Through data analysis, continuous learning processes are implemented in production, naturally under protection of sensitive customer data.


  • Digital Factoryimproves throughput times in production. The customer receives his machine faster after ordering. The entire production process is included. Order management plans dynamically. The design department quickly implements new orders on the basis of existing drawings. The layout of the production lines is optimized in order to use the production area more efficiently. Defined “quality gates” ensure the quality of individual process steps. Warehouse processing in the central warehouse is largely automated. Every employee receives the required tools and materials on time. In addition, information relevant to the current work step is provided in digital form.


  • Employee portal is a digital user interface on which every employee finds all information relevant to his work and communication with the company in one place. Complex administration or long searches are a thing of the past. Customers benefit from the efficiency of internal processes and the satisfaction of their own employees.


  • IT Infrastructure ensures that even the invisible part of the IT with state-of-the-art concepts and technologies forms the best possible basis for digitization. Efficient data centers, modern networks and precise monitoring systems are up to date.

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