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Kurtz Foundry Machines booth at CHINA DIECASTING 2018

Foundry Machines impress with sustainable moulded parts

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Kurtz Foundry Machines launched its campaign “We Rock Your Ideas” presenting sustainable lightweight solutions for the automotive sector – initially at ALUMINIUM in Düsseldorf, then at FUNDIEXPO in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. Moulded parts in aluminium have long become firmly established in the automobile industry – and the share of such parts is set to rise further.


With ever-greater frequency, a variety of aluminium moulded parts are to be found in motor vehicles. In the area of electromobility, in particular, every gram counts, lightweight construction has become indispensible. Whether for chassis, transoms, frames or structural parts, sand core hollow structures or fully-moulded parts, lightness is the main concern. Numerous interesting discussions on this topic ensued at both fairs.


But the major coup for the casting machines was achieved back in July at CHINA DIECASTING in Shanghai. Asia’s most influential fair in Asia, and worldwide the second largest event in the area of die casting, in recent years this leading fair has developed into a valuable platform for low-pressure casting. With over 16,000 visitors from 41 countries, the share of potential customers for low-pressure casting also rose. Kurtz Ersa Asia sent a fair team to Shanghai, who made valuable contacts and provided extensive advice at the stand using videos, virtual reality applications and lightweight construction sample parts.


With remarkable success – the foundations for two major contracts were laid at CHINA DIECASTING. These are Kurtz casting lines with four AL 18-16 FSC casting machines and three AL 22-17 FSC casting machines. Both casting lines will be producing moulded parts for e-mobility. In addition to frames for the local Chinese automobile market, it is also used to manufacture motor housing for foreign vehicles. Both parts are moulded using sand core technology. “We could not have wished for greater success for the fair – that rocks!” said Lothar Hartmann, General Manager Business Unit Kurtz Foundry Machines, at the end of the fair.


Kurtz Ersa Asia in a customer talk at CHINA DIECASTING in Shanghai
Kurtz Ersa Asia in a customer talk at CHINA DIECASTING in Shanghai

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