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Smart Factory gets reality at ASM Singapore

ASM is one of the well-known industry leaders in SMT manufacturing and is focusing with all efforts on the Integrated Smart SMT Factory for its global customer base. With its five SMT Centers of Competence around the globe and a close network of innovative customers and industry partners, ASM is taking the lead in the step-by-step implementation of the Smart SMT Factory and in offering its customers proven solutions for total integration already today. This requires strategic partnerships between electronics manufacturers, competent digital transformation experts and trusted process partners.

The Ersa reflow soldering system HOTFLOW 3/14 is an integral part of the Smart Factory at ASM Singapore
Ersa reflow soldering system HOTFLOW 3/14: integral part of the Smart Factory at ASM Singapore

Connectivity and integration are the new challenges in the Smart SMT Factory, but smart equipment is and remains the basis of every efficient electronics factory. Thus is it by no surprise that the ASM Electronic Manufacturing Operation in Singapore opens its door with a completely networked, highly agile production line.

Groundbreaking lighthouse project

An integral part of the smart manufacturing is a HOTFLOW 3/14 provided by electronics systems supplier Ersa. The high-performance reflow soldering system, which offers outstanding thermal performance and an impressive energy balance, relies on the protocol-based IPC-HERMES-9852 standard, which quickly became the global standard for M2M communication. “We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking lighthouse project and to be on this path with ASM. With the integrated IPC-HERMES-9852 standard, we are relying on an open interface for horizontal machine-to-machine communication to supply the ASM Smart Factory with a fully integrated data management system,” says Ulrich Dosch, Manager Key Accounts & Business Development Kurtz Ersa Asia.



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