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Rainer Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation
Rainer Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation

The special exhibition year 2019 was an excellent opportunity for Kurtz Ersa to position itself as a technology leader. We were able to maintain a dialogue with countless customers and interested parties at a total of over 50 trade fairs throughout the world. The feedback we received there encouraged us to continue and confirmed that Kurtz Ersa had set the right topics in development, sales and service. Despite all the dark clouds in the economic sky, despite the still unsolved problems in the European Community, despite the uncertainty caused by American foreign policy, we have focused on medium and long-term growth.

We have significantly expanded our production capacity in Germany and in China and have further broadened our product range – here even with some quantum leaps in terms of increasing efficiency and reducing the “total cost of ownership”. Sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important issue in our products, so that we too can make our contribution to environmental protection.

At the turn of the year, we would like to thank our customers, suppliers, business partners and all employees for their pleasant cooperation. We wish all readers of the Kurtz Ersa Magazine health, happiness, satisfaction and fun at work for the year 2020!


Glück auf! Your Rainer Kurtz


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