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1.	ROBOPLACE: Fully automatic THT component placement machine with vision-based component validation

The team of Kurtz Ersa Automation is dedicated to tasks around applications for Kurtz and Ersa customers. On the basis of an intelligent modular system, individually tailored process optimizations are created through perfectly coordinated handling and automation solutions.

In the course of basic development, series solutions are developed which, after completion of an intensive test phase, find their way into the product portfolio of Ersa and Kurtz. A further focus is overall plant automation, where Kurtz Ersa Automation appears as a system supplier of turnkey solutions – in such cases, all process-relevant areas are fully automatically embedded in a tailor-made customer solution. Kurtz Ersa Automation covers all conceivable automation steps – from the arrival of the components at the logistics gate to the packaging of the end product before it is handed over to dispatch. Unpacking, testing, assembly, screwing, parts handling, transport, packaging – Kurtz Ersa automation experts have the right solution for every application!

Targeted feasibility studies

Our customers address the respective tasks to the familiar sales structure – the contact person therefore remains the same. The necessary communication is kept to a minimum, which saves our customers valuable time and the coordination of different suppliers. “Even if there is only a vague idea or the naked problem description – contact us. Our Kurtz Ersa developers from the areas of robotics, image processing, linear handling, programming, I4.0 data handling and design are happy to work out targeted feasibility analyses for you, on the basis of which the further course of the project can be coordinated,” says Andreas Fischer, Head of Automation Development at Kurtz Ersa Automation.



ROBOPLACE: Fully automatic THT component placement machine with vision-based component validation

Product development Ersa: In conjunction with a modular transport system from the Kurtz Ersa Automation product portfolio, the ROBOPLACE enables fully automated THT component assembly in the run-up to the soldering system. The component feed on the rear side of the module can be individually adapted to customer requirements.


Quality Check Module
Product development multivision system: Fully automatic test cell with integrated multivision and robotic component handling. Designed as a module that can be integrated into a complete line when linked together, but also offers the possibility of manually feeding components into the system by an operator for further/separate inspection. The design of the entire system is designed in such a way that the customer can inspect 100% of the products manufactured in his line.


Fully automatic assembly system with integrated soldering machine

Turnkey solution Ersa: Kurtz Ersa Automation implements an automated solution in the field of electrical module assembly for a large 1st tier automotive supplier, including individual development of the necessary infeed and outfeed palletizing technology to provide the components of the assembly chain fully automatically. Eleven six-axis robots assemble and handle the assembly up to the soldering process and feed the product to component testing. The result: a completely interlinked assembly solution that enables the customer to achieve full automation with minimum space requirements.


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