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Kurtz Ersa is main winner of the Bavarian Energy Award 2020

Award for radio frequency technology of Kurtz GmbH

Every two years, the State of Bavaria awards the “Bavarian Energy Prize” for outstanding achievements in the field of energy. After Kurtz GmbH had prevailed over its competitors in the category “Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes and Production as well as Energy Efficiency Networks”, Kurtz representatives were also able to accept the main award from eight prize-winner categories at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Munich on 22 October.

The RF technology convinced the expert jury with the project “Chemical-free recycling of EPS material by RF fusion technology”. Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz was extremely pleased about the award: “Fusing particle foams by electromagnetic waves is highly promising and revolutionizes the production of moulded parts. The award is both an honor and an incentive at the same time and a welcome building block of our ambitious sustainability program.”


Chemical-free recycling and up to 90% energy savings: WAVE FOAMER with radio frequency technology
Chemical-free recycling and up to 90% energy savings: WAVE FOAMER with radio frequency technology

RF fusion technology saves 90% energy

For years the plastics industry has been looking for alternative manufacturing processes. The fusion of particle foams using highly efficient radio frequency technology is revolutionizing processing: Compared to the manufacturing process using steam, up to 90% energy can be saved. By eliminating the previously necessary steam generation equipment, it is possible to significantly improve the CO2 footprint of particle foam manufacturers. The machine is also equipped with a fully electric drive.

The use of electromagnetic waves in the radiofrequency range ensures optimal fusion. In addition, new materials and biodegradable materials can be processed. This processing was not possible in standard machines until now due to the high pressures required. Top advantage of the RF fusion technology: Only by mechanical “shredding” can the particle foam material be returned to the cycle. The WAVE FOAMER convinces with a reusability of up to 100%. With EPS in the previous steam process, a maximum of 20% recycled material can be reused.


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