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Rainer Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation
Rainer Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation

The economic situation this year was good for only a few companies. 2020 was largely dominated by Corona and was a crisis year like we have never had before. The virus has changed our lives. We were and are forced to change, to be thrifty and to put many things to the test. But the restrictions on personal contacts and travel, the lack of freedom of movement and the renunciation of cultural enjoyment have also shown us new ways of communicating and living together. At Kurtz Ersa, we have tried to think further ahead, to keep an overview and certainly not to fall into hectic rush. After all, difficult times also show the strength of our company: we stick together, consult together and obtain opinions and voices from all levels of the corporate hierarchy. The challenges were and are still enormous and the uncertainty is often great. The pandemic has changed a lot and the effects will be visible for a long time to come. There is no one right way. But those responsible at Kurtz Ersa are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to implement the right measures with maximum attention.

Actionism or inaction, within this range comprehensible decisions must be made. Every organization, every company – including us at Kurtz Ersa – had to face the issue. This can only be done by considering as many aspects as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to please everyone. However, we were able to experience a high degree of willingness to cooperate and understanding in all this. And we are very grateful for that.

Hopefully the challenge we experienced this year was unique. We at Kurtz Ersa have sometimes simply stopped to think and reposition ourselves. We decided to take a completely new approach to sustainability, lean processes and the technological challenges. First results can already be found in this issue of Kurtz Ersa Magazine.

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