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Ersa EXOS wins technology awards

Albrecht Beck, President & COO of Kurtz Ersa, Inc. (USA)
Albrecht Beck, President & COO of Kurtz Ersa, Inc. (USA)

Ersa received two prizes for his convection reflow soldering machine EXOS 10/26. The GLOBAL SMT Award in the category “Best Product – Europe” in the USA and the Mexican Technology Award 2020 in the category “Soldering Equipment – Convection”. Due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, the awards could not be presented directly to the winners, instead they were announced during virtual award ceremonies.


“We are very happy about the award for the EXOS vacuum reflow oven. This technology, combined with intelligent Ersa features and the multijet dispensing system, offers our customers a process that reduces voiding by 99 percent. This is another Ersa innovation that significantly improves quality and reliability for customers,” said Albrecht Beck, President & COO of Kurtz Ersa, Inc. in Plymouth (USA).



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