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Towards a sustainable future

YOUR PRODUCTION. DRIVEN BY KURTZ ERSA is the new claim of Kurtz Ersa. We promise our customers worldwide to deliver the right solution for every task. We offer the right approach for every production process to become more efficient and achieve better results. “Driven” can mean “lead and control”, but it can also be understood as “implement” and “accompany”.

GLOBAL. AHEAD. SUSTAINABLE. Kurtz Ersa´s new brand motto is both a claim and an obligation. As a GLOBAL player, we manufacture in an international network and offer our customers the best service worldwide – our services are AHEAD, i.e. leading and repeatedly setting benchmarks for others. The third pillar SUSTAINABLE combines several important components: sustainable management with a sense of proportion, reliable partnerships with customers and suppliers, and consistent optimization of the CO2 footprint. Our services address important megatrends such as electromobility, autonomous driving and new communication networks via 5G. Here we offer our customers suitable solution concepts to optimize their production and guarantee perfect products.

Global presence. Kurtz Ersa manufactures in Europe, Asia and North America and has more than 20 sales locations worldwide. Through its sales network, it is represented in over 90 countries. This not only enables us to provide a 24/7 service, but also allows us to directly address regional customer needs and incorporate them into product development. The newest locations are the Kurtz Ersa Vietnam subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City and the Kurtz Ersa France sales office in 67500 Haguenau.


Kurtz Ersa Vietnam Company Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City
Kurtz Ersa Vietnam Company Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City

Technological leadership is Kurtz Ersa´s declared goal and being AHEAD is a permanent driver for our development departments. In recent years, the company has repeatedly demonstrated how creative ideas can be turned into world firsts with high marketing potential. The RF technology of Kurtz GmbH, which has won several awards and uses electromagnetic waves to fuse particle foam, thereby saving around 90% energy, is a good example of this. Ersa GmbH also offers soldering expertise and soldering systems and stations at the highest level. With the EXOS, the new vacuum reflow soldering system, a sign could be set here. AHEAD is a clear commitment to innovation and performance with maximum customer benefit. Against this background, we are very pleased that Wirtschaftswoche set our company as the world market leader in the category “Soldering”.

Sustainable since 1779. As a company whose foundation dates back to 1779 and which is now managed by the sixth generation, Kurtz Ersa relies on a corporate policy of sustainable growth and the consistent development of innovations. For more than 240 years, Kurtz Ersa has been fulfilling its overall social responsibility and bringing economic, social and ecological interests into a harmonious balance. Our understanding of sustainability encompasses precisely these three aspects. In economic terms, we pursue the goal of a sustainable and lasting increase in the value of the company. Social goals include the promotion of culture and science as well as the responsibility for our employees as the largest employer in the region.

Actively optimizing our CO2 footprint. Ecological issues are becoming increasingly important. We are therefore very pleased to help optimize the CO2 footprint with innovative products. Recently won awards such as the Bavarian Energy Award or the EPS Award are proof of sustainable and ecologically relevant product development.

More than Green. Kurtz Ersa is committed to becoming even more sustainable as a company and to consistently aligning its products and processes with sustainability goals. To this end, a project has been launched in which many managers and employees of the Group are working to make the company more sustainable. Not only do ecological aspects play a major role in this, but rather a holistic approach is being pursued around the topics of “developing”, “procuring”, “producing”, “managing” and “living”. A wide range of projects and initiatives have been launched in the individual subject areas and are already being fully implemented.


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