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RF technology improves CO2 footprint

The reduction of CO2 emissions is the main goal of current corporate strategies to sustainably curb global warming. For the plastics industry Kurtz Ersa offers significantly better emission values with its radio frequency fusion technology.

The world has understood that climate protection is one of our key responsibilities. The plastics industry in particular urgently needs innovative solutions for a climate-friendly production and more environmentally friendly end products. RF technology, which forms particle foams based on electromagnetic waves, is paving the way for a more sustainable production. The “hardware” for this is provided by the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions on the customer side – in terms of CO2 footprint, but also in terms of energy and water consumption.


Compared to the conventional process with steam, RF technology saves up to 70% CO2. In direct comparison with an EPS steam machine, this results in an annual saving of over 9,000 tons of CO2 – equivalent to the consumption of more than 1,000 people in Germany per year! Especially with regard to the “green deals” of leading countries and regions this is a breakthrough. The European Green Deal calls for net CO2 emissions to be reduced to zero by 2050, making Europe the first continent to become climate neutral. Innovative technologies such as RF fusion technology provide significant support for this project and are therefore supported by the European Union. Leading economic nations such as China and the USA are also aware of the importance of greenhouse gases and are working to reduce CO2 consumption, especially in densely populated and industrialized regions.

Innovation leader for a greener world

With the RF process, there are no longer any limits to particle foam processing. Kurtz Ersa is continuously developing applications for the recycling loop and thereby enters new markets. The use of the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER enables the processing of urgently needed biological and biodegradable alternatives. With RF you save today and win for tomorrow!


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