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Process competence is in the foreground

Kurtz with focus on “Automotive”,
“Protective Solutions” and “Additive Manufacturing”

The upheavals in drive technology in the automotive industry, the environmental debate on plastic packaging and new competitors from the Far East required a new strategic approach and adaptation of the company structure. In the future Kurtz will focus on mechanical and plant engineering in the application areas “Automotive” and “Protective Solutions”. The area of additive manufacturing is new. In September this year, the company entered into a cooperation agreement with Laser Melting Innovations GmbH from Aachen, Germany, and already offers its customers a functional metallic 3D printer, the Alpha 140.


Targeted towards digital production - using Ersa as an example (click on picture starts video)
Targeted towards digital production - using Ersa as an example (click on picture starts video)

Ersa focuses on connectivity

Soldering processes require not only the highest level of soldering know-how at the soldering point, but also the ability to coordinate the entire process chain. Service components such as maintenance, training or documentation are becoming increasingly important in addition to the performance of the soldering system or station. In addition, Ersa GmbH consistently moves in the direction of “Digital Production” and offers “Smart Services”, “Smart Machine” and “Smart Production” to significantly increase the technological sustainability on the customer side. In the future, this networking, which we call “connectivity”, will play an even greater role. Processes can then be coordinated, recorded and controlled seamlessly and much faster.


Automation and digitization of processes

DKurtz Ersa´s strategy is clearly focused on engineering. Only ten years ago, the former “Metal Components” business unit, consisting of several foundries, a sheet metal and contract manufacturing facility, was the largest pillar of the company. Today, the transformation to a pure machine builder with high process competence has been completed. The consistent digitization of processes and the integration of production with the most modern communication and information systems of Industry 4.0 increasingly form the basis for the sustained growth of Kurtz Ersa. From business with single machines, the trend is moving more and more towards complete systems including upstream and downstream automation of handling, testing, assembly, labeling and whatever else increases the productivity of our customers.


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