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Kurtz Ersa Hammer Academy founded

On 01.08.2020, the Kurtz Ersa Group grew: The subsidiary Kurtz Ersa Hammer Academy GmbH was founded and has been a fundamental pillar for the future of our family group since September. The new company was founded for one primary reason: the merger of apprenticeship and further education. As a central training platform, it is an important part of the Group´s future viability.

Verena Alina Frankl, in her capacity as Head of Central Division Human Resources and Chancellor of the Hammer Academy, is the logical choice as Managing Director of the training company. She shares the management with Thomas Mühleck. Training has always been a figurehead for Kurtz Ersa – the constant training quota of over 10% per year proves its high importance. In order to continue to build on this, our training must keep up with the times, be modernized and rethought – this has been done with the founding of the new training company. In addition to a new Group-wide training concept, 2020 also saw the launch of a new training team with four full-time trainers: Vivianne Pabst is the Commercial Training Manager, who is also responsible for the administrative processes related to apprenticeship. Nicolei Ruff is the Training Manager for the industrial-technical professions and leads the team of trainers. Frank Adam, Trainer Mechanics, and Jonas Halama, Trainer Electronics, will supervise the training workshop and teach the apprentices there not only practical but also theoretical basics, so that the trainees no longer have to travel to the far-away FABI courses in Niederstetten.

CAD drawing of the new training hall
CAD drawing of the new training hall

In future, this new team will manage the Group-wide training, which differs from the previous training in one point in particular: Up to now, our apprentices have each been employed in one of the various subsidiaries and have spent most of their training time in this company. Since last September, all new apprentices have been employed by the training company and will get to know the entire Group until their release. This enables us to provide an even broader-based training program than before, to adapt the take-over of apprentices to their inclinations and interests, and to create uniform company regulations for all trainees and dual students, for example with regard to remuneration or working hours. Thanks to the new training company´s headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, all apprentices can attend the same and nearby vocational schools and no longer have to travel long distances for lessons.

New apprentices at the start

The training workshop will also be modernized with the new Group-wide training concept and will open in spring 2021 as a new training workshop in Wiebelbach. This training center will provide basic training, exam preparation, and specialist courses, for example in control technology, PLC, and robotics for all mechanical and electronic training professions.

Increasing digitization in the Group

Compared to the previous training workshop, the new training center will therefore not only offer opportunities for task processing from the mechanical and machining areas, but also its own electrical workshop and a modern laboratory for practical tasks.


The reason for this is that existing job profiles are increasingly shifting as a result of increasing digitization in the Group. Whereas in the past, training was mainly provided for professions in the field of mechanics, the focus is now increasingly on electronics engineers, mechatronics engineers and IT specialists!


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