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100 years of Ersa

100 Jahre Ersa – Yesterday, Tomorrow and Beyond.

Origin and future of the Ersa success story: thinking ahead from the beginning!

Founded in Berlin on November 18, 1921, Ersa is celebrating its birthday exactly 100 years later at Productronica in Munich – a perfect time to honor the company´s fantastic development. However, “100 Years of Ersa” is more than just a flashback to the company´s history on just one day. Rather, the anniversary communication is looking ahead to the next 100 years.

Under the motto Yesterday, Tomorrow and Beyond., the anniversary campaign tells the success story pointing to the future, linking people with machines, tradition with new beginnings, the successful present with an even better future, today with the next generation, pioneering achievements with megatrends, and values with visions. The campaign is characterized by a strong image, clear messages and employee portraits, which thus express the high level of identification with the company, their pride and the team spirit they live.

Communicative highlight at Productronica

While the anniversary logo has already been visible on products, flags and on fleet vehicles since March, active anniversary communication from the second half of the year spans an arc to the highlight at Productronica, which coincides with the official 100th birthday of Ersa´s business registration. A landing page, regular social media postings, charity campaigns and anniversary videos are also part of the planned measures. We look forward to meeting partners and customers who have played a significant role in the Ersa success story and with whom we will celebrate “100 years of Ersa” together!


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