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This is what the Kurtz Ersa Automation team stands for, which, as a system supplier with its own products and Industry 4.0 solutions, fulfills all customer requirements with a spirit of innovation and absolute process know-how.

Setup of the fully automated THT workstations from Kurtz Ersa Automation without soldering system
Setup of the fully automated THT workstations from Kurtz Ersa Automation without soldering system

Kurtz Ersa Automation has established itself in a very short time as a top supplier of automation technology in electronics manufacturing, particle foam processing and casting production. Thanks to the group's know-how, the team knows the production processes inside out and can concentrate completely on the optimal, customized automation solution. This is what happened with Ersa customer ESCD from the far north.

Fully automated THT workstations
For an Ersa POWERFLOW N2 already installed at the customer's site, Kurtz Ersa Automation developed a peripheral system consisting of three fully automatic placement stations with sorting racks, height-adjustable tables, and automatic feeding of placement material. The customer benefited from a "one-stop solution", as electrical and mechanical interfaces to the soldering machine were optimally clarified internally. The requirements focused on even more efficient work during PCB assembly in the THT process, considering optimum ergonomics.

In concrete terms, this means fully automatic feeding and removal of the workpiece carriers (WPC) to the manual workstations, which are height-adjustable and are followed automatically by the associated lifts. Thanks to the customer-specific RFID routing, the WPC are automatically moved through the system to the appropriate placement location.

The system was installed over the weekend by the same assembly team that had already carried out the internal commissioning. This ensured a smooth production start-up and hardly disturbed the customer's ongoing production.

Solution oriented implementation

Electronics service provider ESCD is located north of Hamburg – 600 km away from Kurtz Ersa Automation, but this was no obstacle for the automation specialists from Wertheim, either for project clarification or on-site assembly. In close cooperation, an optimal workplace concept was designed. After a rapid project planning phase, the Factory Acceptance Test took place in April, after which the commissioning team went “on the road” despite adverse weather conditions.

After functional testing at the manufacturer’s site and transport across the country, assembly, and marriage with the POWERFLOW N2 could begin. Despite the best preparation, there can be surprises: The WPC were conveyed so hot at the customer’s site that they could not be touched and were soiled by the process. Through customer-specific adjustments, Kurtz Ersa found the optimal solution for smooth operation. Conclusion: The customer is enthusiastic about the way the team with Ersa and Kurtz Ersa Automation employees works, the plant runs perfectly!

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