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First A-LINE for USA

First Kurtz Machine Proudly Assembled in the USA goes to Huntington Solutions!

With new challenges for suppliers and customers as a result of the 2020 and 2021 world´s supply chain and logistics adversities, Kurtz Ersa, Inc. has set a newly welcomed precedent by building the first ever A-LINE models at the Plymouth Wisconsin, KEI production hall, with plans to continue assembling locally. Beside the pandemic related impacts, the Built in America bonus as well as our sustainability goals made it clear that we should built these machines locally to better support our EPS customers.


During the month of August, KEI´s Kurtz technicians worked diligently on assembling the very first A-LINE L in our 22,500 square foot production hall which previously was utilized by rebuilding used equipment only. With the support of our cutting edge, robust design by our German engineering team, not only did this dynamic team successfully assemble Huntington Solution´s newest A-LINE L in about a months´ time, they also organized and prepared the production facility to streamline future assemblies. “Kurtz Ersa, Inc. vision in the particle foam business division is to provide a local USA made machinery that fulfills our customer needs while providing an exceptional service and an unbeatable delivery time,” said Marcelino Espelosin, Corporate Manager, Particle Foam Business Americas.


From left to right: Ben Wiebe, Eric Klemme, Albrecht Beck (President and COO of KEI), Michael Ritterling and Tyler Atkinson in front of their first A-LINE L assembled in the USA
From left to right: Ben Wiebe, Eric Klemme, Albrecht Beck (President and COO of KEI), Michael Ritterling and Tyler Atkinson in front of their first A-LINE L assembled in the USA

Founded in 1992, Huntington Solutions became a leading producer of custom shape moulded foam products and packaging. Recently acquired by Wynnchurch Capital, the company merged with Drew Foam and ICA to create Foam Holdings, one of the largest foam applications producers (EPS – EPP – ARCEL-EPE and others) in North America. The newly created company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with 12 facilities across the US and Mexico. The company’s leadership and top management team has trusted Kurtz Ersa as a key supplier through the years in multiple projects.

Quality, Reliability, Innovation

Benjamín Raygoza, Chief Operating Officer of Huntington Solutions
Benjamín Raygoza, Chief Operating Officer of Huntington Solutions

“Kurtz has been a partner for Huntington Solutions since our beginning almost 30 years ago, and we rely on them to supply a large portion of our process equipment needs. We value the quality, reliability, innovation and exceptional service they have provided through the years; we are excited to be part of this moment in the history of Kurtz Ersa, Inc. (former Kurtz North America), as they have decided to start assembling equipment in the US.


Our industry is growing in a complicated environment with several challenges and having a partner betting on the future of our business with actions that will improve the support, response time and flexibility is really encouraging for us,” explains Benjamín Raygoza, Chief Operating Officer of Huntington Solutions. “We would like to thank Huntington Solutions for this fantastic opportunity and look forward to many more locally assembled machines in the future. As a global team, we celebrate this win together,” said Albrecht Beck, KEI´s President and COO.


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